Monday, 26 December 2011

Definition of Aisthēsis

Aisthēsis comprises more than just visual percep­tion; it stands for general perception with all the senses, as well as the impression that the perceived leaves on the body.  In the original meaning of the concept, tactile and visual perception constitute a whole, and it was not until later (i.e in the Kan­tian tradition) that this meaning was reduced to merely an eye that observes, without a body. 
(from Aisthēsis by Jojada Verrips) 
Aisthēsis Also relates to:
1.     Perception from the senses, feeling, hearing, seeing
2.     Perception by the intellect as well as the senses
3.     That which is perceived: scent
4.     Ability to perceive: discernment
5.     Cognition or discernment of moral discernment in ethical matters
Egypt Vase Anhydrite 4000 years old
Bottle Egypt Anhydrite 18cm Hgt_1569-1315bce
Egyptian Knife 5000_5600 years old
Hand Of Aphrodite with Eros by Praxiteles


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